Jeeves | The Corporate Card Tailored For Global Startups
The corporate card tailored for {global startups.}

Pay for anything, anywhere, in your local currency. No fees. No interest. No personal guarantees. Mobile-first, built with your team in mind.

As Seen In
Your local bank doesn't get {you}. We {do}.
No hassle sign up. Instant Approval. Higher credit limits. Jeeves works as hard for your company as you do.

Pay for {anything}
Yes, you can even pay your rent with Jeeves. Pay any invoice electronically, even when vendors don't accept credit cards or cash.
Rewarding {capital}
Consolidate all of your expenses with Jeeves and earn cash back on all spend. No fees, no interest. Just easy cash reconciliation.
{Unlimited} virtual cards
Get up and running instantly with virtual cards to manage vendors and payments. Everyone gets their own card. For free.
Tailored {spend limits}
Our dazzling mobile app with automatic receipt matching allows you to set spending limits and assign roles on the go.
Trusted Partner
Built with your business in mind
Jeeves is the only international card built from the ground up for global startups.
Higher limits
Our tailored underwriting allows you to free up cash and grow your business.
Modern sign up
Quick approvals mean you can start spending and set up your team instantly.
Founder friendly
Focus on your business. No personal guarantees, credit scores or cash deposits.
Better protection
Best-in-class fraud protection powered by our cutting edge technology.
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